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This looks pretty cool! Curious how did you achieve the shader with these dots? looks very good!

Beautiful experience!

Can we get a downloadable version? I'd love to play it better


I felt betrayed, there was no end. I played for way to long after the text became gibberish.

I thought i was the only one that got so far.


The visuals as well as the music were amazing, and the experience itself was one I won't be forgetting anytime soon!


This game is like  "Getting Over it with Alice Bottino". Blown away by the beauty of my tower of baguettes, potted plants and tetriminos.


Wow! This is sensational! The most I've ever appreciated ladders and bread.

Amazing visuals.


Very cool art style!!


This is amazing! I love the visuals, music, and poetry. A++!


This is a beautiful experience in every way. So poetic and peaceful and visually stunning. Gotta finish my queue so I can come back and rate this properly


So polished. Most gorgeous game i've seen yet.