Hookshack is a short fishing game focused on the feeling of disappointment.

Published 9 days ago
AuthorAlice Bottino
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Fishing, Low-poly, Short, Story Rich


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Best worst game ever 1/-0

Love the ps1-style graphics :)


10/10 would be disappointed again


Yoo this game was pretty fun. I also found out after the first few times you get a tape where it says there's nothing left, there's a tape where the developer is testing how much text they can fit on the screen. then it loops the there's nothing left tape for I'm assuming forever. I found that kinda funny.


i loved the game made me feel something special <3


Sorry to uh... dissapoint,

but thats it.

Thats the end.

That's all I got.

make a downloadable version


so sweet voice



Honestly impressed at the graceful pivot. An admirable ability to hold up the ideas and then throw them back into the water, much as one might do, to a fish. While fishing. UwU


This game speaks to me. But is it a disappointment when a game about disappointment is NOT a disappointment? :-O


hey man, i just played your game, and oddly enought it sorta left an impact on me??

i hae been procrastinating on my studies and just doing whatever i can to avoid them lately, but after playing this (and ik it sounds cheesy as hell) i  think i have had  change of heart, i will probably go study now...

ik shit aint easy man but the fact that you atleast worked on the game even though you only had a few hours left is still fabulous, i guess we both just need to go for it, whatever we want that is.

hope you the best for the future mate, you will do good ik that 

best wishes, therandogo